Many women are not blessed with a big bust line. But they don’t need to be distressed with this shortcoming, because they can enhance their figure with something called breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation improves the size and shape of breasts by fitting breast implants inside the breast tissue and thus surgically increasing the size of the breasts.

However, these implants come in various sizes and most women want to choose the biggest size because they think that the bigger their breasts would be, more beautiful they would look.

But the fact is that every woman planning to undergo the surgery should choose a size of implants according to many factors and not only the biggest implants.

Although big implants are a great choice for many women, they may not always be the best option. Here are some pros and cons of big breast implants.

Benefits of Big Implants

Bigger breast implants have certain prominent benefits that should be considered while choosing the size of the implants.

Many women want to undergo a revision surgery after a breast augmentation procedure because they are not happy with the smaller implants because they fail to offer them the larger bust line they want.

A major benefit of larger implants is that they offer a significant increase in the volume of the breasts, giving patients the voluptuous breasts they desire.

Another major benefit of larger implants is that they are able to provide women enhanced body proportions.

For women with larger thighs or hips, or a sturdier and solid body frame, larger implants are indeed useful and perfect because they are suitable to their body proportions.

Their figure looks curvier and attractive with the big implants. They can get an hourglass figure with them. Such a figure is a dream of most women.

Women with a solid body frame can also carry bigger breasts easily without any problem.

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Risks with Big Implants

Big implants also carry some risks. If you are considering having big implants, you should first consider these risks and discuss them with your surgeon before choosing them.

Firstly, larger implants have a bit higher risk of complications than smaller implants. These include thinning of breast tissue, capsular contracture and bottoming out.

Secondly, they of course are weightier than smaller implants and this additional weight can exert a physical strain on your body.

Due to this strain, you may have to suffer neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain. Also, if you want to participate in physical activities after having big implants, your chances are lowered due to limitations.

This is applicable to your day-to-day life too, and not only to exercise or athletic activity. Once the initial feeling of happiness that comes with bigger breasts is over, you may actually feel disgusted about the huge boobs.

Thirdly, the larger the breasts, the more attention you’d draw. Although some patients may find this beneficial, not all may love it.

Instead of focusing on bigger implants, you should consider if you need something like professional breast lift surgery in Coffs Harbour by PCLS Coffs Harbour.

Consider all these pros and cons of big implants, and choose your implant size wisely.


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