They say that love is blind, but let’s be honest. Everyone knows that appearance plays a strong role in initial attraction or matchups. In a world where digital dating apps are increasingly becoming the first connection between two people, your profile picture is worth everything. If you don’t want to sabotage your chances at a good match, pay close attention to the top features that can turn off a potential date.

Unkept Hair

For both guys and gals, how well someone takes care of their appearance and grooming is important. Rattails and ponytails on men carry very little attraction to women. For men, a woman with her hair always in a ponytail doesn’t seem to be trying very hard.  Beards can be sexy, but only when carefully groomed and kept trimmed. Greasy hair or hair that contains too much product is also a dead giveaway that someone is either trying too hard or not enough.

Poor Dental Hygiene

You can win a lot of attention with a confident smile, but only if those pearly whites are worth looking at. If you have encountered some mishaps along the way and have been left with broken or crooked teeth, connecting with a provider through Lake City Cosmetic Dentistry Seattle offices can have you looking your best in no time. Your smile may be winsome, but make sure that when you finally meet in person, your breath doesn’t scare them away.

Dirty Fingernails

When you are out to eat on your first date, your partner is most definitely going to notice the grime under your fingernails. Perhaps the only ones who can get away with this are mechanics that are coming straight from the shop. However, well-manicured fingernails make a statement about your cleanliness habits.

When you prepare for your date, take a good look at your reflection in the mirror. You can never go wrong with clean and neat.


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