For students studying for things like the USMLE program Chicago IL, it can be easy to lose motivation and get discouraged. You may feel that you have been studying for hours on end with no progress. While it can be disheartening, there are ways to make studying more effective and even more fun. Group study is one way that you might consider. While this can be an effective way to learn, there are important things to consider when choosing this type of learning.

Set up Start and End Times

Studying with a group allows you to get help from peers who may understand some concepts better than you, and you can help them with the ones you have mastered. It can be easy to let a study session drag on, though. Therefore, it is important that your group decide on start and end times for the session. This allows you to maximize your time and not put off studying until the last minute. 

Have Quiet Study With Discussion at the End

Sometimes, it can be beneficial to gather in a group and still engage in individual study. Having other classmates around you studying can help the group stay focused; sometimes studying at home just proves to be ineffective. Meeting at a library can help make it feel more like dedicated study time. At the end of a chapter or page, the group can stop to discuss what was read.

Keep Unrelated Talk to a Minimum

The biggest issue with group study is getting distracted by non-coursework related things. It is important that you set ground rules and keep unnecessary talk to a minimum.

Study groups can be very beneficial when done right. Consider these tips for helping you stay focused and effective when studying for any exam with a group.



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