Competitive athletes at every level share the personality trait of wanting to push their limits. This is necessary to rise to the next level of physical accomplishment, but if not done safely and thoughtfully, it can result in injuries that may delay or even derail your progress entirely. Here are some key concepts you need to consider to keep yourself on your game in the gym and out of the hospital.

Train Safely

Training safely with a few common-sense techniques is your best defense against sustaining injuries that would require pain management St Augustine Fl. Don’t rush out the door to train without making sure you have simple, proper safety equipment like shoes, gloves, and weight-lifting belts. If you’re planning on lifting heavy weights, make sure someone goes with you or is around to spot you. Take the time to build a training plan that moves toward progressive overload incrementally, so you don’t start working with heavier loads than you can handle.


Far too many athletes skip their stretches in favor of getting on the court or field more quickly. If you’re about to start a game or rigorous training session, you’re about to put your body through immense stress. You need to take the time to “wake up” your muscles through stretches and warm-ups. This greatly mitigates your chances of injury and post-exercise soreness.


Speaking of soreness, it may seem temporary, but if you’re not taking steps and giving your body time to recover, it may become chronic or permanent. Cooling down is often just as important as warming up. You may build recovery days with lighter workloads into your training schedule and incorporate low-impact, stretch-based routines into your plan. You may also want to “treat” your muscles and bodily systems to recovery-friendly activities like sauna time or ice baths.


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