Pure water not only makes the cells healthy, but also maintains a correct immunity and metabolism. Consuming polluted water brings devastating result on your body. The water we consume daily is almost acidic that acidify the bodies. Acidic water cannot flush the acid that generates in your body. On the other hand, alkaline water neutralizes the acidic waste accumulated in the body. If you can consume alkaline water daily in association with a balanced diet, it gently reduces the level of acidic waster from your body.

We must take responsibility for taking in healthy water. It can be said that almost nothing out there is good for us as it is. At one time the water of the glaciers, or springs, or rain, or high mountain streams must have been perfect. But air pollution, acid rain, groundwater contamination, and landfill-poisoned oceans have changed everything.

Water is charged with electrons

For perfect health, your water must be energized, i.e. saturated with electrons. Water with this characteristic is highly charged and full of energy potential; and it is also alkaline. In fact, water is alkaline due to the negative charge of all its electrons, while acids are overloaded with positively charged protons. It is the attraction exerted by the electrons on the protons that allows the alkaline substances to buffer, i.e. neutralize the acid substances. You should get water with an ORP of at least -250 mV and up to more than -1,250 mV. But most of the tap water registers values ​​around +400 mV and up to +1.250 mV and is saturated with protons.

Reverse osmosis

Another technology is the reverse osmosis system. It is an ultra-filtration process that purifies the water of toxic chemicals and excess minerals. These units do not alkalize and energize the water. But they are probably more affordable and more readily available than ionizers. If you are using a reverse osmosis system, it is recommend adding concentrated alkaline pH drops to the filtered water which will raise its electrochemical potential by lowering the concentration of protons or hydrogen.

If you cannot afford a device to produce the right molecular structure and correct the level of ORP in your filtered water or do not currently have access to such technology, do not allow this to stop you from doing what you can to optimize your water. Filter the water with high quality water filtration system and use the concentrated alkaline pH drops to bring the water pH to 9 or 10. Whatever water you use, you can make it more alkaline by adding concentrated alkaline pH drops such as sodium / potassium bicarbonate or chlorine dioxide.

Concentrated alkaline pH drops help reduce the size of water clusters and increase electron activity. These substances react with water and release oxygen into it, increasing its energy potential. When added to purified water and then released into your bloodstream, concentrated alkaline pH drops act as an oxygen catalyst by alkalizing, neutralizing, oxygenating and balancing the body’s ph level. You can drink alkaline water before, during and after meals to help your stomach alkalize the food you eat.


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