Decades ago, people believed that the reason for hair loss was ageing. But nowadays, even a teenager suffers from hair loss. Well, all thanks to the increased chemicals in hair products and the growing stress levels of every individual.

Thankfully, one can come across various hair vitamins that promote hair growth. But now many individuals are concerned with how does vitamins aid in hair growth. So, let’s take a look at a few vitamins and their effects on our hair.

1- Vitamin B12: 

Vitamin B121 is produced by bacteria and archaea. It plays a main role in hair growth. With B12 deficiency, people suffer from hair fall and even ulcer.

2- Vitamin C:

If your food lacks enough nutrients, then you will require taking vitamin C as it can cure hair issues. You can take it with your normal diet to grow shiny, healthy and strong hair.

3- Vitamin A:

Vitamin A produces oil skin and oozes out sebum. Now, the sebum supports the hair near the roots and keeps it always moistened. Lack of sebum will obviously lead to hair loss; thus, taking vitamin A becomes crucial.

4- Vitamin B:

Vitamin B contains biotin that is the main source of hair growth. Vitamin B aids the RBCs to carry food and oxygen to the scalp, thus fostering hair health.

5- Vitamin D:

Alopecia is caused by to deficiency of Vitamin D because Vitamin D’s work is to produce new follicles. So, opt for Vitamin D tablets to aid the hair issue.

Bottom line

Well, we are sure that by now, you know how vitamins play a vital role in keeping our hair healthy.


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