If you don’t have the provision for growing cannabis on the garden soil and don’t want to grow cannabis indoors, you can grow them on your terrace or balcony. You can easily start sowing your Cannabis Seeds Saco and grow them into beautiful cannabis plants. However, you must also know that growing cannabis plants in the outdoors needs maintenance because it needs particular light, training, and harsh weather protection. So, you will have to be a little more selective while buying your seeds because some seeds are resistant to extreme temperatures, light or even the weather in your location. 

Here are some tips for you if you have found a cosy place in your terrace or balcony for growing cannabis plants:

  • Check out the sunlight and other factors.

First and foremost, you will need to check how much direct sunlight your balcony receives daily. That is because there is a particular amount of direct sunlight your cannabis plants will need every day, and if your balcony is facing in a direction where it won’t get sunlight, it is impossible to grow the plants. You will be able to grow the plant if you buy a photoperiod cannabis tent and install artificial light in it. The typical cannabis plants that grow outdoors need at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily. So you can either create provision for direct sunlight or buy some of the auto-flowering cannabis seeds Saco that can be grown in low-light situations as well.

  • Removing the pungent smell

Even if you love the smell of cannabis, there are chances that your plants might disturb your neighbours and cause problems for you. If there are high-risk factors in your location, it is always best to cover the smell coming out from your balcony or terrace. You will find several companion plants that easily grow along with cannabis plants and help you get rid of the pungent smell. Plants like jasmine, roses, tomato, honeysuckle, stargazer lilies have strong smells which can cover the smell of your cannabis plants. 

  • Avoid growing taller strains.

There are many cannabis plants, especially the Sativa types that tend to grow vertically in height. This can be a huge problem for you, especially if you are growing cannabis on your balcony. It is always best to settle with some Indica dominant strains that will grow into bushier small plants to tackle this problem. It will be easier for you to maintain them and grow faster than the Sativa strains.

Some of the strongest Indica strains seeds are available online from i49 in the market, and you can easily find cannabis seeds in Saco along with them. So contact your seeds supplier today!


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